Monday, December 26, 2011

Buttery Sugar Cookies!

I found a fantastic sugar cookie recipe! *thrilled*

Initially, I fourth-ed the recipe as I wanted to test its reliability. The cookie dough was rather sticky...and they spread immensely in the oven. They melded into one it was like...a deformed, flat....cookie. It was incredibly thin, too. I scraped it off, and started again, thinking that perhaps my approximated 1/4th of an egg and 1/4th cup of butter had been off. 

The second and third batches, I only halved the recipe.They still spread quite a bit but not as much as beforehand. One reason could be the increase in well as my careful mixing to ensure the butter was properly integrated into the dough. Still...even though the consistency of the dough was smoother, the cookies were very thin :( The third batch...see, I put all the batches in for 7 mins rather than 9 mins and it worked for the first two batches, but not for the third...the middles weren't I had to stuff them in the oven for an extra few minutes. I ended up with two small batches of sugar cookies, which were thin but still yummy! :) 

Next time I make these, I'll probably ensure I follow the recipe's 9 minutes' calling(I've had bad experiences following the baking time assigned in recipes), and add a bit more flour so that the cookies do not spread as much. Also, generally: Ensure there is substantial spacing as these cookies DO SPREAD, mix balls of dough well to combine butter pieces, ensure the cookie is actually thoroughly cooked! If it looks wet in the middle, let it cook a bit longer. Perhaps then I don't need to rely on time.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Apple-Cinnamon Buttermilk Cake

Ambrosial & Luscious, Nectarous & Scrumptious.

 Standard buttermilk cake with a sprinkling of apple & cinnamon. Turned out beautiful with a glimmering, crisp shell.