Monday, February 4, 2013

French Madelines!

Fun and easy :D

Hehe---scrap cupcake looks queenly.

 My golden lovelies are like ducks in a row.
Every day we're Gla-Gla-Glazin'

I will never complain about my camera for the rest of my life.

I haven't tried them yet...O.O Am I nuts? Yes. Am I also health-conscious? Yes. I'm going to try these buttery shell-angels along with a light lunch tomorrow.


  1. hello! I really love your writing style, your vocabulary is superb! i am so surprised you don't have more comments . . . guess people just don't know about your blog, which is a big shame. "great things come to those who wait" good luck!

  2. Aww hey Ariella :P Thanks. This blog is more of an online journal so I don't mind the lack of audience...but I'd love for more followers on my book blog!